Felicity Lerouge


The résumé bit

A leadership development consultant with over 10 years experience, I have studied coaching psychoneurology at PhD level for two years; I have a level 3 qualification in learning and development the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and am Certified Trainer of Professor Marsden's personality profiling psychometric (DiSC).

An Accredited Mediator (London School of Mediation), I work in the areas of workplace, commercial and civil mediation.


I have extensive experience with a variety of clients in the corporate and private sector, including the aviation industry, finance industry, media, government and information technology, together with not for profit organisations.

My areas of specialism are communication, company culture and conflict prevention, management and resolution.

For a full review of my qualifications, skills and client testimonials, please go to my Linkedin profile.

The interesting bit

Most of us don’t have the awareness, skill set or confidence to navigate conflict effectively; this can lead to unresolved issues, animosity, mental health issues and hostility, both in the work place and at home. 


I’ve always been fascinated by effective communication, problem solving and improving relationships. It has been a thread that has run throughout my career journey, starting with my role as cabin crew for one of the world's most prestigious airlines, where I was taught to anticipate the needs of my customers before they even voiced them. 


Clients came from all walks of life, countries and cultures, which meant I could never make presumptions about them and learned to treat each person and situation as unique: refugees being evacuated from war zones, families, business executives, CEOs, movie stars and royalty, all with different expectations and needs.


It was in this environment that I honed my negotiation and communications skills. Confined in a metal tube with little external support between take-off and landing, I had to demonstrate understanding and empathy, so that my customers knew my priority was accommodating their needs. With premium clients came premium expectations and increased the complexity of the problems I needed to resolve. All of this created a solid foundation for my retraining in communication and behavioural intervention, starting my leadership development consultancy, Phenomenal People Ltd, in 2010.

Working in many environments with my leadership development consultancy made me realise that a very large proportion of teams – from front line staff to senior leaders – were highly conflict averse, which created problems that escalated unnecessarily.  

Recognising the demand for conflict prevention, management and resolution I trained with the highly respected London School of Mediation and became an Accredited Mediator in the areas of workplace, commercial and civil mediation, to better support many of the clients I work with. 

My passion is supporting people to deal with conflict more effectively: from recognising and addressing the first signs so they don’t intensify, to reaching a swift and agreeable outcome for everyone involved during a mediation.


What I love about the mediation process is that it minimises costs, stress and suffering as much as possible, so that people can draw a line under the conflict and start a calmer, happier chapter of their lives. 

If you feel you would benefit from my mediation services, please contact me. I'm here to support you.