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When conflict in the workplace escalates, it is normal for the people involved to become entrenched in blame and judgement. They look for information to support their position and find it increasingly hard to see their mistakes or the other person's perspective.

Working with an independent, neutral mediator can change the dynamic of the interaction between the parties and provide a safe space for them to share their concerns. The focus is to increase each party's understanding of each other and help them restore the relationship, so that unresolved issues no longer effect their work, their ability to collaborate or the workplace dynamic.

Resolution typically occurs during one day of mediation or less and can put an end to conflict that has been bubbling below the surface for months or even years.

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Commercial and civil lawsuits are generally cases where parties are suing for financial compensation, such as personal injury (civil) or breach of contracts (commercial). 

Mediation is the process that can help parties involved in, or considering, a lawsuit reach an agreement rather than going to court and reducing the impact of lost time, financial investment and stress.

This is achieved through a facilitated discussion by a neutral third person trained in mediation skills, usually reaching a mutually agreeable outcome within one day. Because the process is collaborative, rather than combative, it has a 89% success rate.

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Many managers fall into the traps of thinking unhealthy conflict will go away on its own or that people will come to their senses and behave in an adult, professional manner. Sadly, this rarely happens. Avoiding the issue could end up costing you a great deal of money, dozens of wasted man hours and a great deal of good will - from both your teams and your customers. Unresolved conflict is toxic and can end up poisoning every area of your business, if you don't address it. 

It can be challenging to address conflict. Most of us aren't comfortable with challenging communication and haven't been taught the skills and mindset to navigate this area effectively. 

I can help. 

If you want to prevent conflict happening in your business, or manage it effectively when it shows up, I offer webinars, workshops and 1:2:1 coaching to educate and support your teams and senior leadership, so that you and your teams can master the art of handling difficult conversations with dignity and poise.

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